WeChat Official Accounts

How to Verify WeChat Official Accounts

Once you have registered your WeChat Official Account, you will need to verify it to access all of the advanced WeChat platform features such as a user’s location, surveys, third-party apps, payments, and more.  Verifying WeChat Official Accounts also allows followers to trust that they are dealing with a genuine account.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts outside China

For organizations outside of China, send an email to to request verification for your account. Include your account information and submit a tagline describing your business that will be published on your WeChat profile.

If you are unsure whether or not your account is verified, sign in to your account at, navigate to “Settings”, and select “Account Info”:


Note: Users of the Chinese version of WeChat, Wei Xin (微信 or wēixìn), currently do not have access to WeChat Official Accounts registered outside of China. In contrast, non-Chinese WeChat users have access to both Chinese and non-Chinese Official Accounts.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts in China

To verify WeChat Official Accounts for Chinese organizations, you will need the following:

  • Your account manager’s Chinese ID (身份证 or shēnfènzhèng)
  • Chinese Business License (营业执照 or yíngyè zhízhào)
  • Chinese Organization Code (组织机构代码证 or zǔzhī jīgòu dàimǎ zhèng)
  • Verification Application Letter (申请公函 or shēnqing gōnghán) available here
  • A WeChat Payment account with at least ¥300 in credit

As with the registration process, the verification process is entirely in Chinese.

Getting Started

Start by logging into your account on the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform, navigate to “Services” (服务), and select “Service Center” (服务中心) from the left sidebar menu. Click “WeChat Verification” (微信认证), the orange box with the check-mark icon.

P1- Customer Service Center

Beginning your Application

You’ll see a prompt that introduces the process, explains the benefits of verifying WeChat Official Accounts, and notifies you of the ¥300 (~US$50) auditor fee.

P2- Intro to Renzheng

1. Terms of Service

Your first step is to agree to the Terms of Service by ticking the checkbox at the bottom. Click the green button to continue.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts New Terms of Service

2. Application Form

Next select the appropriate form based on your organization type. For this explanation, we’ll be verifying a company.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Choose Organization Type

The top part of this form is your company information. Refer to your Business License, Organization Code, and registered bank account for the following fields:

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Enter Company Information

The next section is personal information regarding your WeChat account manager, who must be a Chinese citizen.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Enter Account Manager Information

Finally you’ll also be asked to upload several documents.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Upload Supporting Materials

Fill in the Application Letter as shown below, have the account manager sign it, and then stamp with your company chop.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Application Form

3. Account Name

There are a number of policies governing the name you use for Verified WeChat Official Accounts. In general, WeChat encourages you to use your official company name, in part or in whole, or a registered brand name if you have an officially registered trademark (商标注册证 or shāngbīao zhùcè zhèng).

In practice, you can use non-officially registered names if you are willing to give up the gold verified badge on your WeChat profile.  You will still have access to the advanced platform features, however.

Verify WeChat Official Accounts Confirm Name

4. Payment Receipt

Tick the box and enter your contact information if you would like an official receipt (发票 or fāpiào) mailed to you for the ¥300 verification audit fee.

P7- Receipt Form

5. Payment

As of June 23, 2014, WeChat now allows you to use your company’s registered bank account (the one you entered in step 2) to settle the ¥300 verification fee. You can also use WeChat Payment as before. You need WeChat 5.0 or higher and a linked payment account.

P8 - QR Code

P9 - Success

Scan the QR Code on the screen with WeChat. A success screen should appear.

Application Processing

Your information is sent to a third-party verification service to be processed. It usually takes three to five business days to complete. The verification service will likely contact you by phone to confirm application details. If you paid your verification fee using WeChat, the verification service will also confirm your registered bank account by making a ¥1.00 deposit for which you will need to produce a deposit slip. If you paid using your registered bank account, then the payment itself will serve as confirmation. No ¥1.00 deposit will be made.

When registration is complete, you will receive a notification the next time you log-in to the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform. You will also notice the gold verification badge on your profile and access to the advanced features in your Service Center.