Global Messaging Trends 2019

Photo by Mavindu R. Kariyawasam

Grata had the honor of giving our fourth keynote presentation on Global Messaging Trends at China Chat Shanghai on September 19th. We love giving this talk as it helps us take our WeChat blinders off and really look around at what’s happening outside of China. It’s also encouraging that the thesis we’ve been making over the years — that we are on an inevitable trajectory towards devices with always-on voice and visual input/output that has profound implications for messaging — looks to be on an accelerating trend.

Our high-level overview of the messaging industry touches on

  • The current crisis in disinformation, privacy, and security in social media,
  • Our prediction that voice will inevitably take over as our preferred method to interact with our devices,
  • Our prediction that smart glasses will no longer seem so strange after Amazon, and more so, Apple enter the market,
  • Updates on what’s happening at Snap, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Telegram,  Apple, et al

Download a high-resolution PDF of all sixty-six slides from Tencent Cloud or Google Slides.