WeChat Work Gets Serious about CRM

WeChat Work’s latest updates show they are taking CRM very seriously now. The update to version 2.7.5 on March 13th added a business card scanning tool, broadcast messaging to Customers, new profile tagging features, and more. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend. This latest update builds on the previous update that saw Tencent rebrand “external contacts” as simply Customers, a major part of their 2019 strategy.


WeChat Work CRM

The most exciting feature for your sales team is likely the addition of a group broadcast messaging assistant (群发助手) for employees to message some or all of their WeChat contacts from WCW. Open the WCW Contact Customers app, tap on Broadcast Messages in the Tools section, select all or a segmentation of your customers and then fire off a message.

Left: Select recipients, add text and images; Right: A group holiday greeting and image sent to Customers

Similarly, admin users can distribute a company service message (企业客户发送服务消息) for employees to forward to their customers. This option supports text plus a photo, web page, or even Mini-Program page. Company messages are currently limited to once per week per customer. From the Contact Customers app in WCW, the admin can choose “Company message to customers” from the Tools tab.


From there you can prepare a new message and view your past messages to track how many employees have chosen to forward the company message to their customers.


Employees receive a notification in their Customer app when a company service message has been assigned to them.

The employee can preview the post and then choose to forward the message on to their customer.

The recipient gets the forwarded company message in WeChat, in the one-to-one chat thread with the employee. There aren’t a lot of formatting options yet.

The WeChat Work QR code scanner now doubles as a business card scanner (扫描纸质名片). In our testing, it surprisingly worked only slightly better than 50% of the time. We assume Tencent will improve on this, as some of the WCW third-party CRM apps already have much better performing business card scanners. The third-party apps, however, aren’t able to connect you with the customer’s WeChat contact. This is a big deal.

If the business card owner has both WeChat and WCW users, then you have the option to connect with either or both accounts. The scanned card is saved to their profile and some profile data is imported from running optical character recognization on the scan.

Companies can now set custom company tags (企业客户标签) for employees to use on Customer profiles. Tags can then be used, for example, to segment recipients when sending out broadcast and company messages. If you are a WCW admin, go to the Settings tab in the WCW Customers app and select “Company customer tag”.

From there you can create new tag groups and populate them with tags. When employees edit a Customer profile in WCW they have the company tags as well as a section for their personal tags.

You can now designate group-level admin to manage Customers for different employee departments and segment reporting by department.


Group chats with a mix of WeChat and WCW users now support up to twenty members.

Friend requests received in WeChat now give recipients who are using WCW the option to add the user as an external contact in their WCW account instead of in WeChat.

WeChat Pay

Integration with WeChat Pay now supports connecting multiple company WeChat Pay accounts to a WCW Account, as well as the reverse, connecting multiple WCW accounts to a shared WeChat Pay account. And you can now apply for a WeChat Pay account directly from the WCW backend without having to re-submit all of your business documents again.

Other Updates

The Punch In/Out app ( 打卡) now supports managing work schedules by shifts from the WCW mobile app. You can use the desktop backend if you need bulk import/export of your schedules and reports.


The Approvals App (审批) gets more granular controls especially suited for larger enterprises. The company can now set custom approval levels depending on the employee. You can also set a maximum number of days for leave requests, and employees who belong to multiple departments can now designate the most appropriate department to submit their application.

Borrowing from WeChat, WCW now lets an employee set a personal name for a coworker, as well as make notes on employee profiles.


  • The Report app (汇报) now supports exports to PDF.
  • The group chat by department feature, to automatically add and remove employees to department-wide group chats as they are added or removed to departments, apparently works now. (The feature has been an option on the WCW backend since the beginning).
  • Video calls made from the WCW desktop app now support full screen viewing.
  • The bulk upload feature for adding employees to your WCW backend now supports uploading employees belonging to different companies.
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