WeChat Official Accounts

How to Register a WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Accounts launched back in 2012 and, while there have been many changes over the years, one of the constants has been confusion regarding 1) how to setup an account, and 2) what type of account to register. We try to demystify both of these questions here.

Recent updates have made it much easier for businesses in most countries to get their own account. Here’s how WeChat’s Official Account system currently breaks down:

China vs. Non-China Entities

Overseas China Service Accounts

If you’ve been following this space for awhile, you may have noticed that the old international backend ( has been discontinued as of September 2018. This is a good thing. Accounts registered on the discontinued international backend were shockingly not visible to Chinese users. Now all WeChat Official Accounts are based on the same backend and accessible to Chinese users. That’s progress!

These Overseas China Service Accounts (海外特殊认证的国内服务号) still have many limitations compared to accounts registered to Chinese entities, but they just might be good enough for what you need. Specific features and developer interfaces, and the requirements to obtain them, vary by region as they are administrated by different Tencent business development teams.

If you don’t have a Chinese business, your first step when registering an Official Account may be to consider whether or not an overseas account is good enough to accomplish what you want to do on the WeChat platform. If not, you’ll either have to register a Chinese business or try contacting a third-party agent who may be able to setup an account for you, for a fee. We recommend

Register a WeChat Official Account as a Non-China entity

Open the WeChat Official Accounts Platform homepage. It’s mostly available in English now.  Click “Register now” to get started.

1. Choose an account type

As a Non-China entity your only choice is a Service Account.

2. Create a User Account

Email addresses can only be used once per Official Account, so you’ll need to submit and verify a unique email address.

3. Select the Region of your Business License

The drop-down list includes most countries and regions of the world with “popular” regions listed first.

4. Enter your Organization Details

You’ll need to enter your company name and business registration number exactly as they appear on your local business license. You’ll also need to designate an account administrator, entering their full name and passport number, and verifying a mobile phone number.

5. Create an Account Profile

You’ll need to pick an account name, enter a short introduction to your account, and select your “operating area”.

Your account is now registered!

6. Verify

If you choose to verify your account you can start with the verification process immediately. Verification for Overseas Official Accounts costs US$99 per year.


Register a WeChat Official Account as a Mainland China entity

To register as a Chinese organization, you will need a Chinese business license with relevant documentation, as well as a Chinese citizen to register as the account administrator. To be clear, a China WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) is a Chinese company and can directly register WeChat Official Accounts.

To begin, head to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform and click “Register now”.

1. Choose your Account Type

Decide whether to register a Subscription account (订阅号) or a Service account (服务号). We have written separately about WeChat Work accounts, that are meant for internal company use by employees and have a separate backend at This article is concerned with the corporate accounts your customers will follow.

The chart below covers the important high-level differences. Check out our detailed overview of WeChat platform features and developer interfaces for more thorough coverage.

If you’re still unsure of which account type to choose, seek advice before proceeding. Once you’ve registered your account, it is very difficult or even impossible to change types. Unless you’re a media company, we generally recommend Service accounts for our clients.

2. Create a User Account

Email addresses can only be used once per Official Account, so you’ll need to submit and verify a unique email address.

3. Select Mainland China as your Region

4. Enter your Organization Details

Once you select your organization type (government, media, corporate, or other) the appropriate form will ask for your organization’s and account administrator’s basic information.

This step requires you to register an administrator who has a Chinese national ID (身份证 shēn fèn zhèng) and a +86 mobile phone number. A short code will be sent to the phone number to authenticate. The admin will also need to scan a QR code to bind his or her WeChat account. One person can serve as the administrator for a maximum of five WeChat Official Accounts.

⚠️ Important Point: The administrator’s role is frequently misunderstood. Your business owns the account, not your admin. As the owner of a Chinese WeChat Official Account, you should control the email address and password to login to your account. As a non-Chinese citizen, you can add yourself as an operator after you register the account, and your admin will never need to be given login credentials for your account. After you’ve added yourself as an operator, you only need your admin for adding other operators, resetting your developer AppSecret, and a few other sensitive tasks. You can change your admin at any time with their cooperation, or you can remove him or her without their cooperation by re-verifying your account at any time. Your company owns the account.

5. Select Authentication Method

There are three different ways to authenticate your business. If you already intend to go one step further and verify (认证 rènzhèng) your account, go ahead and choose the last option at this step, for “WeChat Verification”, which requires a 300RMB (~US$50) annual fee. WeChat verification is the only option that provides the gold badge on your profile and access to advanced platform features and interfaces.

6. Create an Account Profile

You’ll need to pick an account name, enter a short introduction to your account, and select your “operating area”.

Your account name is required to be unique. Spaces and most special characters are prohibited — only Chinese characters and alphanumeric characters. If you find someone is already using your business name, WeChat has a nifty feature that will display the account, and if you think it qualifies as trademark infringement, you can report it. If you’re curious, check out this 2014 post on how bad trademark infringement on WeChat used to be in the early days.

Once set, your account name can only be changed by going through the WeChat verification process again (and paying another 300RMB). Your account logo and introduction can be changed up to five times per month.

7. Verify

If you chose WeChat Verification as your authentication method, your account is now registered in a temporary status. You’ll need to complete the verification process within thirty days. We were able to register and verify an account for this blog post in less than twenty-four hours.

In the meantime, WeChat drops you right into your new account backend and you’ll be able to upload a profile photo and setup other basic features while you wait for verification.

8. Add operators

As discussed in grey boxed note above, if you are a non-Chinese account owner, you’ll want to add yourself as an operator so you can login without the assistance of your admin. To do this you will need to have 1) a bank card linked to your personal WeChat account, 2) you need to follow your new account, and 3) you will need your admin to scan a QR code. One personal WeChat account can be an operator for up to five WeChat Official Accounts.

Get started in Settings < Security Center, and click Details on the first row.

In the second section under Operator management, click on the green button to add an operator. You can have up to five long-term operators and up to twenty short-term operators (one-month expiration).

A pop-up window will open and you’ll need to select your user from among your account followers.

After you “Invite to bind” your admin will need to scan a QR code. Once they’ve approved, you’ll receive a template message in WeChat to accept the invite.

Congratulations! You’ve now got your very own WeChat Official Account! 🚀



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WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Developer Error Codes

In the table below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all WeChat developer error codes, or return codes (返回码), you might come across when using the WeChat API framework. If you’re developing for WeChat, we recommend you bookmark this page. Tencent doesn’t seem to have a similar consolidated list — and definitely not in English — so this is compiled from multiple WeChat product documents and other resources, with our translations. We got tired of tracking down obscure codes all over the internet, so we finally got around to publishing our own internal list here. Enjoy!

The table is plain text, so use your browser search (Ctrl/Cmd + F) to search for the code you need.

We make a few notes where there are inconsistencies between WeChat Official Account Platform return codes (微信公众平台接口返回吗) and WeChat Open Developer Platform return codes (微信公开平台返回吗), or when a code or series of codes belongs to a distinct WeChat product line.

-1 系统繁忙,此时请开发者稍候再试 System busy. Please try again later.
0 请求成功 Successful request
40001 获取access_token时AppSecret错误,或者access_token无效。请开发者认真比对AppSecret的正确性,或查看是否正在为恰当的公众号调用接口 AppSecret error or invalid Access Token. Verify the AppSecret is correct and confirm you are using the correct callback parameters for this Official Account. OA Platform
40001 不合法的调用凭证 Invalid credential Developer Platform
40002 不合法的凭证类型 Invalid certificate type OA Platform
40002 不合法的grant_type invalid grant_type Developer Platform
40003 不合法的OpenID,请开发者确认OpenID(该用户)是否已关注公众号,或是否是其他公众号的OpenID Invalid OpenID. Confirm that the user has followed the account, or check that the OpenID does not belong to another Official Account.
40004 不合法的媒体文件类型 Invalid media file type
40005 不合法的文件类型 Invalid file type
40006 不合法的文件大小 Invalid file size
40007 不合法的媒体文件id Invalid media ID
40008 不合法的消息类型 Invalid message type
40009 不合法的图片文件大小 Invalid image file size
40010 不合法的语音文件大小 Invalid audio file size
40011 不合法的视频文件大小 Invalid video file size
40012 不合法的缩略图文件大小 Invalid thumbnail image file size
40013 不合法的AppID,请开发者检查AppID的正确性,避免异常字符,注意大小写 Invalid AppID. Verify the AppID is correct and has no invalid characters (AppIDs are case-sensitive)
40014 不合法的access_token,请开发者认真比对access_token的有效性(如是否过期),或查看是否正在为恰当的公众号调用接口 Invalid Access Token. Confirm the Access Token has not expired and that you are using the correct callback parameters for this Official Account.
40015 不合法的菜单类型 Invalid menu type
40016 不合法的按钮个数 Invalid number of menu buttons
40017 不合法的按钮个数 Invalid number of menu buttons OA Platform
40017 不合法的按钮类型 Invalid menu button type Developer Platform
40018 不合法的按钮名字长度 Invalid menu button name length
40019 不合法的按钮KEY长度 Invalid menu button key length
40020 不合法的按钮URL长度 Invalid URL length
40021 不合法的菜单版本号 Invalid menu version
40022 不合法的子菜单级数 Invalid sub-menu
40023 不合法的子菜单按钮个数 Invalid number of sub-menu buttons
40024 不合法的子菜单按钮类型 Invalid sub-menu type
40025 不合法的子菜单按钮名字长度 Invalid sub-menu button name length
40026 不合法的子菜单按钮KEY长度 Invalid sub-menu button key length
40027 不合法的子菜单按钮URL长度 Invalid sub-menu button URL length
40028 不合法的自定义菜单使用用户 Invalid menu user
40029 不合法的oauth_code Invalid oauth_code OA Platform
40029 不合法或已过期的code Invalid or expired code Developer Platform
40030 不合法的refresh_token Invalid refresh_token
40031 不合法的openid列表 Invalid OpenID list
40032 不合法的openid列表长度 Invalid OpenID list length
40033 不合法的请求字符,不能包含\uxxxx格式的字符 Invalid character in your request. The character “\uxxxx” cannot be included.
40035 不合法的参数 Invalid parameter
40036 不合法的template_id长度 Invalid template_id length Developer Platform
40037 不合法的template_id Invalid template_id Developer Platform
40038 不合法的请求格式 Invalid request format
40039 不合法的URL长度 Invalid URL length
40040 不合法的插件token Invalid plug-in token WeCom
40041 不合法的插件id Invalid plug-in ID Work WeChat
40042 不合法的插件会话 Invalid plug-in chat Work WeChat
40048 不合法的url域名 Invalid URL domain
40050 不合法的分组id Invalid Group ID
40051 分组名字不合法 Invalid Group ID name
40053 不合法的actioninfo,请开发者确认参数正确。 Invalid “actioninfo” parameter
40054 不合法的子菜单按钮url域名 Invalid sub-menu button URL domain Developer Platform
40055 不合法的菜单按钮url域名 Invalid menu button URL domain Developer Platform
40056 不合法的Code码。 Invalid code
40056  不合法的agentid Invalid agentid Work WeChat
40057 不合法的callbackurl或者callbackurl验证失败 Invalid callbackurl or callbackurl verification failed Work WeChat
40058 不合法的红包参数 Invalid red packet parameter Work WeChat
40059 不合法的上报地理位置标志位 Invalid location Work WeChat
40060 设置上报地理位置标志位时没有设置callbackurl No callbackurl was set when setting up location reporting Work WeChat
40061 设置应用头像失败 Setting app icon failed Work WeChat
40062 不合法的应用模式 Invalid app mode Work WeChat
40063 参数为空 Blank parameter Work WeChat
40064 管理组名字已存在 Admin group name already exists Work WeChat
40065 不合法的管理组名字长度 Invalid admin group name length Work WeChat
40066 不合法的部门列表 Invalid department list Work WeChat
40066 不合法的url Invalid URL Developer Platform
40067 标题长度不合法 Invalid title length Work WeChat
40068 不合法的标签ID Invalid tag ID Work WeChat
40069 不合法的标签ID列表 Invalid tag ID list Work WeChat
40070 列表中所有标签(成员)ID都不合法 All user tag IDs in the list are invalid Work WeChat
40071 不合法的标签名字,标签名字已经存在 Invalid tag name, tag name already exists Work WeChat
40071 不合法的卡券类型。 Invalid coupon type Coupons
40072 不合法的标签名字长度 Invalid tag name length Work WeChat
40072 不合法的编码方式。 Invalid coding method Coupons
40073 不合法的openid Invalid openid Work WeChat
40073 不合法的 cardid Invalid cardid Coupons
40074 news消息不支持指定为高保密消息 News messages cannot be set to highly secret messages Work WeChat
40077 不合法的预授权码 Invalid pre-authorization code Work WeChat
40078 不合法的临时授权码 Invalid temporary authorization code Work WeChat
40078 不合法的卡券状态。 Invalid coupon status Coupons
40079 不合法的授权信息 Invalid authorization information Work WeChat
40079 不合法的时间。 Invalid time Coupons
40080 不合法的CardExt。 Invalid CardExt Coupons
40080 不合法的suitesecret Invalid suitesecret Work WeChat
40082 不合法的suitetoken Invalid suitetoken Work WeChat
40083 不合法的suiteid Invalid suiteid Work WeChat
40084 不合法的永久授权码 Invalid permanent authorization code Work WeChat
40085 不合法的suiteticket Invalid suiteticket Work WeChat
40086 不合法的第三方应用appid Invalid third-party appid Work WeChat
40092 导入文件存在不合法的内容 The imported file contains invalid content Work WeChat
40093 不合法的跳转target Invalid redirect target Work WeChat
40094 不合法的URL Invalid URL Work WeChat
40095 修改失败,并发冲突 A conflict occurred and the change failed Work WeChat
40099 卡券已被核销。 Coupon already redeemed Coupons
40100 不合法的时间区间。 Invalid time interval
40116 不合法的Code码。 Invalid code
40117 分组名字不合法 Invalid Group ID name
40118 media_id大小不合法 Invalid media_id size
40119 button类型错误 Button type error
40120 button类型错误 Button type error
40121 不合法的media_id类型 Invalid media_id type
40122 不合法的库存数量。 Invalid in-stock quantity
40124 会员卡设置查过限制的 custom_field字段。 Membership card settings reached the limit of custom_field
40127 卡券被用户删除或转赠中。 Coupon has been deleted by user or is in the process of being transferred
40132 微信号不合法 Invalid WeChat ID
40137 不支持的图片格式 Unsupported image file type
40155 请勿添加其他公众号的主页链接 Please do not add links to other Official Account pages
40164 如非白名单IP调用 This account is using an IP white list. Only IP addresses listed on the WeChat backend can get this account’s WeChat access token.
41001 缺少access_token参数 Missing access_token
41002 缺少appid参数 Missing appid
41002 缺少corpid参数 Missing corpid Work WeChat
41003 缺少refresh_token参数 Missing refresh_token parameter
41004 缺少secret参数 Missing secret parameter
41005 缺少多媒体文件数据 Missing multimedia file data
41006 缺少media_id参数 Missing media_id parameter
41007 缺少子菜单数据 Missing menu data
41008 缺少oauth code Missing oauth code
41009 缺少openid Missing openid
41009 缺少UserID Missing UserID Work WeChat
41010 缺失url参数 Missing URL Developer Platform
41011 缺少必填字段。 Missing required field
41011 缺少agentid Missing agentid Work WeChat
41012 缺少应用头像mediaid Missing app icon mediaid Work WeChat
41012 缺少cardid参数。 Missing cardid parameter
41013 缺少应用名字 Missing app name Work WeChat
41014 缺少应用描述 Missing app description Work WeChat
41015 缺少Content Missing content Work WeChat
41016 缺少标题 Missing title Work WeChat
41017 缺少标签ID Missing tag ID Work WeChat
41018 缺少标签名字 Missing tag name Work WeChat
41021 缺少suiteid Missing suiteid Work WeChat
41022 缺少suitetoken Missing suiteticket Work WeChat
41023 缺少suiteticket Missing suiteticket Work WeChat
41024 缺少suitesecret Missing suitesecret Work WeChat
41025  缺少永久授权码 Missing permanent authorization code Work WeChat
41034 缺少login_ticket Missing login_ticket Work WeChat
41035 缺少跳转target Missing redirect target Work WeChat
42001 access_token超时,请检查access_token的有效期,请参考基础支持-获取access_token中,对access_token的详细机制说明 The access_token has expired. Check Access Token expiry time or review detailed documentation on creating an access token
42002 refresh_token超时 The refresh_token has expired
42003 oauth_code超时 The oauth_code expired
42004 插件token过期 Plug-in token expired Work WeChat
42007 用户修改微信密码,accesstoken和refreshtoken失效,需要重新授权 User has changed the WeChat password, the Access Token and Refresh Token failed, developer needs to get permissions again
42008 临时授权码失效 Temporary authorization code failed Work WeChat
42009 suitetoken失效 Suitetoken failed Work WeChat
43001 需要GET请求 GET request is required
43002 需要POST请求 POST request is required
43003 需要HTTPS请求 HTTPS is required
43004 需要接收者关注 The user must follow the account
43005 需要好友关系 You must be friends with the user
43006 需要订阅 Requires subscription Work WeChat
43007 需要授权 Requires authorization Work WeChat
43008 需要支付授权 Requires payment authorization Work WeChat
43009 自定义SN权限,请前往公众平台申请。 Custom SN permission, please enable on the WeChat backend.
43010 无储值权限,请前往公众平台申请。 No stored value permission, please enable on the WeChat backend.
43010 需要处于接收消息模式 Mode must be set to receive messages Work WeChat
43011 需要企业授权 Requires permission from enterprise Work WeChat
43013 应用对成员不可见 This app is not visible to users Work WeChat
43019 需要将接收者从黑名单中移除 You will need to remove user(s) from your blacklist in order to receive messages.
44001 多媒体文件为空, 空白的二进制数据 Multimedia file is empty
44002 POST的数据包为空, 空白的POST数据 POST data packet is empty
44003 图文消息内容为空, 空白的news数据 Article content is empty
44004 文本消息内容为空, 空白的内容 Text message is empty
44005 空白的列表 List is empty Developer Platform
45001 多媒体文件大小超过限制, 二进制文件超过限制 Multimedia file exceeds maximum file size
45002 消息内容超过限制, content参数超过限制 Message contents too long
45003 标题字段超过限制, title参数超过限制 Article title too long
45004 描述字段超过限制, description参数超过限制 Article short description too long
45005 链接字段超过限制, url参数长度超过限制 URL too long
45006 图片链接字段超过限制, picurl参数超过限制 Image URL too long
45007 语音播放时间超过限制, 播放时间超过限制(语音为60s最大) Audio playback time too long. Maximum voice message is sixty seconds.
45008 图文消息超过限制, article参数超过限制 Too many articles in this message.
45009 接口调用超过限制, 接口调动频率超过限制 API usage frequency limit reached.
45010 创建菜单个数超过限制, 建立菜单被限制 Create menu limit reached.
45011 API调用太频繁,请稍候再试/ 频率限制 API usage frequency limit reached, please try again later
45012 模板大小超过限制 Template size exceeds limit Developer Platform
45015 回复时间超过限制 Response time too long
45016 系统分组,不允许修改/ 不能修改默认组 This is a default system group, you are not allowed to modify it
45017 分组名字过长/ 修改组名过长 Group ID name is too long
45018 分组数量超过上限/ 组数量过多 You have created the maximum number of groups allowed.
45021 字段超过长度限制,请参考相应接口的字段说明。 Field length exceeded, please refer to the field explanation in the relevant API documentation.
45022 应用名字长度不合法,合法长度为2-16个字 Invalid app name length. Name can be 2-16 characters. Work WeChat
45024 帐号数量超过上限 Maximum number of accounts has been reached. Work WeChat
45025 同一个成员每周只能邀请一次 Invites can be sent to a user no more than once per week. Work WeChat
45026 触发删除用户数的保护 As a protection, WeChat limits the number of users you can delete at one time. Work WeChat
45027 mpnews每天只能发送100次 Maximum number of 100 articles per day has been reached. Work WeChat
45028 素材数量超过上限 Content limit reached Work WeChat
45029 media_id对该应用不可见 Media_id is not visible to this app Work WeChat
45030 该cardid无接口权限。 This CardID does not have permission to use this interface.
45031 库存为0。 Current stock is zero.
45032 作者名字长度超过限制 Author’s name is too long Work WeChat
45033 用户领取次数超过限制get_limit The number of user receive events has exceeded the get_limit
45047 客服接口下行条数超过上限 Customer Service message volume limit reached.
46001 不存在媒体数据 Media data does not exist
46002 不存在的菜单版本 Menu version does not exist
46003 不存在的菜单数据 Menu data does not exist
46004 不存在的用户 User does not exist
47001 解析JSON/XML内容错误 Error extracting JSON/XML content
48001 api功能未授权,请确认公众号已获得该接口,可以在公众平台官网-开发者中心页中查看接口权限 You do not have permission to use this API. Check the Developer page on the WeChat Official Account backend for restrictions.
48002 粉丝拒收消息(粉丝在公众号选项中,关闭了“接收消息”) User cannot receive messages. The user has disabled the “Receive Messages”option on the account profile page.
48002 Api禁用(一般是管理组类型与Api不匹配,例如普通管理组调用会话服务的Api) API restricted. This often happens if the admin group type does not match the API, for example, if a standard admin calls the chat service API. Work WeChat
48003  suitetoken无效 Invalid suitetoken
48004 api接口被封禁,请登录mp.weixin.qq.com查看详情 API interface closed. Refer to the WeChat backend for more details.
48004 授权关系无效 Invalid authorization relationship Work WeChat
48005 api禁止删除被自动回复和自定义菜单引用的素材 This content cannot be deleted as it is being used in auto-replies or menus.
48005 Api已废弃 This API is no longer supported Work WeChat
48006 api禁止清零调用次数,因为清零次数达到上限 API reset limit reached
50001 用户未授权该api / 接口未授权 The user does not have permission to use this API.
50001 redirect_uri未授权 No permission for this redirect_uri Work WeChat
50002 用户受限,可能是违规后接口被封禁 This user is restricted and after violation may be banned from using this interface
50002 成员不在权限范围 User Work WeChat
50003 应用已停用 App has been disabled Work WeChat
50004 成员状态不正确,需要成员为企业验证中状态 Abnormal user status, users must be verified by the enterprise Work WeChat
50005 企业已禁用 Enterprise has been disabled Work WeChat
61300 不合法的基本信息(base_info) Invalid base_info
61301 不合法的详情信息(detail_info) Invalid detail_info
61302 不合法的商品推广区信息(action_info) Invalid product promotion section information (action_info)
61303 商品信息不存在 Product information does not exist
61304 推广服务区(action_info)中的product不合法 Invalid product in the promoted services section (action_info)
61305 不合法的keystand或keystr。ean13标准下,编码内容必须满足商户号段。 Invalid keystand or keystr. Using ean13 standards, the encoded content must match the merchant number.
61306 推广服务区(action_info)中的appid不合法 Invalid appid in the promoted services section (action_info)
61307 推广服务区(action_info)中的cardid不合法 Invalid cardid in the promoted services section (action_info)
61308 基本信息(base_info)不存在 The base_info parameter does not exist
61309 详情信息(detail_info)不存在 The detail_info parameter does not exist
61310 推广服务区(action_info)不存在 The promoted services section (action_info) does not exist
61311 推广服务区(action_info)中的media不合法 Invalid media in the promoted services section (action_info)
61312 图片大小超出限制 Image size too large
61313 图片内容不合法或没经过Base64编码 Image content invalid or has not been encoded to Base64
61314 不合法的ExtInfo Invalid ExtInfo
61316 条码冲突,创建了其他正在使用的条码 Barcode conflict: this barcode is already currently in use
61317 无效的ticket Invalid ticket
61319 商户类目ID无效 Invalid merchant category ID
61320 商户全局信息不存在 Merchant global information does not exist
61322 商户无此商品类目权限 Merchant does not have permission to use this product category
61323 商户无此条码权限 Merchant does not have permission to use this barcode
61324 推广服务区服务栏数量超过限制 Exceeded the maximum number of service columns in the promoted services section
61334 商品信息不存在 Product information does not exist
61337 商品信息已存在 Product information already exists
61341 白名单人数超过限制 Exceeded the maximum number of people on the white list
61342 Keystandard与创建时填写的不匹配 Keystandard and creation time do not match
61343 Keystandard不合法 Invalid Keystandard
61345 推广服务区(action_info)中的code不合法 Invalid code in the promoted services section (action_info)
61346 推广服务区(action_info)中的store不合法 Invalid store in the promoted services section (action_info)
61347 推广服务区(action_info)中的media不合法 Invalid media in the promoted services section (action_info)
61348 推广服务区(action_info)中的text不合法 Invalid text in the promoted services section (action_info)
61450 系统错误(system error) System error
61451 参数错误(invalid parameter) Invalid parameter
61452 无效客服账号(invalid kf_account) Invalid customer service agent account
61453 客服帐号已存在(kf_account exsited) Customer service agent account already exists.
61454 客服帐号名长度超过限制(仅允许10个英文字符,不包括@及@后的公众号的微信号)(invalid   kf_acount length) Customer service agent account name is too long. Maximum length 10 Roman characters, not including the “@[WeChat ID]”)
61455 客服帐号名包含非法字符(仅允许英文+数字)(illegal character in     kf_account) Customer service agent account name contains an invalid character (only Roman characters and numbers are supported)
61456 客服帐号个数超过限制(10个客服账号)(kf_account count exceeded) The maximum number of customer service agents have been created. (Accounts are limited to 100 agents)
61457 无效头像文件类型(invalid   file type) Invalid customer service agent avatar image file type
61500 日期格式错误 Invalid date format
61501 日期范围错误 Date range error
63154 不合法的商品状态 Invalid product status
63155 不合法的主页颜色 Invalid home page color
63156 不合法的品牌标签 Invalid brand tag
63157 不合法的推荐商品设置,被推荐的商品也必须来自该账号,并处于发布状态。 Invalid recommended product setting, any recommended products must come from the same account, and product status must be available for purchase.
63158 商品总数超过限制,上限10万条。 Exceeded the maximum number of products (100,000)
63159 商品建议零售价为空。未设置购买渠道(包括微信小店、电商链接)时,建议零售价必填。 The suggested retail price for this product is empty. When you have not set a purchasing channel (including WeChat Shop or eCommerce link), the suggested retail price is required.
63160 价格信息不合法。retail_price和sale_price参数内容应为数字 Invalid price. The retail_price and sale_price parameters only accept numerical values.
63161 组件区组件数量超过限制,相同组件仅能设置一个 Exceeded the maxium number of modules in module_info section; the same module can only be set once
63162 防伪组件中native_show设置不合法 Invalid native_show setting in the security module
63163 防伪组件中anti_fake_url不存在 The anti_fake_url in the security module does not exist
63164 组件区组件类型设置不合法 Invalid module type in the module_info section
63166 商品审核中,不可进行更新、取消发布和删除商品等操作 Products cannot be updated, withdrawn from sale, or deleted while under review
63167 商品未发布,不可进行取消发布操作 Products which have not been released for sale cannot be withdrawn from sale
63168 商品审核未通过,不可进行取消发布操作 Products that have not been approved cannot be withdrawn from sale
63169 商品处于发布状态,不可再次发布 Product has already been released for sale, it cannot be re-released again.
63170 推广服务区(action_info)中不能同时设置banner和media类型 Cannot set banner and media type at the same time in the promoted services section (action_info)
63171 推广服务区(action_info)中只能有一个card类型 Only one card type is allowed in the promoted services section (action_info)
63172 推广服务区(action_info)中只能有一个user类型 Only one user type is allowed in the promoted services section (action_info)
63173 推广服务区(action_info)中只能有一个text类型 Only one text type in the promoted services section (action_info)
63174 推广服务区(action_info)中link、card、user三种类型合计最多设置3个 For the three types – link, card, user – in total you can only set three in the promoted services section (action_info)
63175 商品详情页中商品信息和图文详情必须至少有一个 The product details page must have at least one image detail and one product detail
65301 不存在此menuid对应的个性化菜单 The personalized menu corresponding to this Menu ID does not exist
65302 没有相应的用户 No corresponding users
65303 没有默认菜单,不能创建个性化菜单 A default menu configuration is required before creating personalized menus.
65304 MatchRule信息为空 MatchRule parameters are empty
65305 个性化菜单数量受限 Personalized menu count limitation reached.
65306 不支持个性化菜单的帐号 This account does not support personalized menus
65307 个性化菜单信息为空 Personalized menu information empty
65308 包含没有响应类型的button One or more buttons do not have an action associated with them.
65309 个性化菜单开关处于关闭状态 Personalized menus have been turned off for this account.
65310 填写了省份或城市信息,国家信息不能为空 If segmenting by province or city, the country parameter cannot be empty
65311 填写了城市信息,省份信息不能为空 If segmenting by city, the province parameter cannot be empty
65312 不合法的国家信息 Invalid country parameter
65313 不合法的省份信息 Invalid province parameter
65314 不合法的城市信息 Invalid city parameter
65316 该公众号的菜单设置了过多的域名外跳(最多跳转到3个域名的链接) This account does not support direct links to this domain. The account can setup a maximum of 3 domains.
65317 不合法的URL Invalid URL
65400 API不可用,即没有开通/升级到新版客服 This interface is unavailable or has not been enabled for this account. Enable or upgrade to the new Customer Service feature on the WeChat backend. Customer Service
65401 无效客服帐号 Invalid agent account Customer Service
65403 客服昵称不合法 Invalid agent nickname Customer Service
65404 客服帐号不合法 Invalid agent account Customer Service
65405 帐号数目已达到上限,不能继续添加 Maximum number of accounts has been reached. Customer Service
65406 已经存在的客服帐号 This agent account already exists. Customer Service
65407 邀请对象已经是本公众号客服 This WeChat user is already linked to an agent account belonging to this Official Account. Customer Service
65408 本公众号已发送邀请给该微信号 An invite has already been sent to this WeChat user. Customer Service
65409 无效的微信号 Invalid WeChat ID Customer Service
65410 邀请对象绑定公众号客服数量达到上限(目前每个微信号最多可以绑定5个公众号客服帐号) The invited user has already linked their WeChat account to an agent account at the maximum five Official Accounts Customer Service
65411 该帐号已经有一个等待确认的邀请,不能重复邀请 This user already has a pending invitation, you cannot resend an invite at this time. Customer Service
65412 该帐号已经绑定微信号,不能进行邀请 This agent account is already linked to a WeChat ID, you cannot send an invite to bind this account to another user. Customer Service
80001 获取企业号登录用户信息错误 Error getting Enterprise login user information. Enterprise
9001001 POST数据参数不合法 Invalid POST data parameter
9001002 远端服务不可用 Remote service cannot be used
9001003 Ticket不合法 Invalid Ticket
9001004 获取摇周边用户信息失败 Failed getting nearby user information
9001005 获取商户信息失败 Failed getting merchant information
9001006 获取OpenID失败 Failed getting user OpenID
9001007 上传文件缺失 Upload file failed
9001008 上传素材的文件类型不合法 Invalid upload file type
9001009 上传素材的文件尺寸不合法 Invalid upload file size
9001010 上传失败 Upload failed
9001020 帐号不合法 Invalid account
9001021 已有设备激活率低于50%,不能新增设备 Less than 50% of your devices are currently active, you cannot add new devices at this time.
9001022 设备申请数不合法,必须为大于0的数字 Invalid number of device requests; the number must be greater than zero.
9001023 已存在审核中的设备ID申请 This device ID is already under review
9001024 一次查询设备ID数量不能超过50 Maximum number of device ID requests is fifty.
9001025 设备ID不合法 Invalid device ID
9001026 页面ID不合法 Invalid page ID
9001027 页面参数不合法 Invalid page parameter
9001028 一次删除页面ID数量不能超过10 You cannot delete more than ten Page IDs at a time
9001029 页面已应用在设备中,请先解除应用关系再删除 This page is linked to a device, first de-link the device from the page before deleting the page.
9001030 一次查询页面ID数量不能超过50 Maximum number of page ID requests is fifty.
9001031 时间区间不合法 Invalid time period
9001032 保存设备与页面的绑定关系参数错误 Error saving the parameter linking the device and page.
9001033 门店ID不合法 Invalid Venue ID
9001034 设备备注信息过长 Device remarks information is too long
9001035 设备申请参数不合法 Invalid device application parameter
9001036 查询起始值begin不合法 Invalid “begin” query start value
9001037 单个设备绑定页面不能超过30个 A single device can be linked to a maximum thirty pages.
9001038 设备总数超过了限额 Device limit exceeded
9001039 不合法的联系人名字 Invalid contact name
9001040 不合法的联系人电话 Invalid phone number
9001041 不合法的联系人邮箱 Invalid email address
9001042 不合法的行业id Invalid Industry ID
9001043 不合法的资质证明文件url,文件需通过“素材管理”接口上传 File URL does not have a valid certificate; files must be uploaded through the content management interface
9001044 缺少资质证明文件 file is missing a valid certificate; files must be uploaded through the content management interface
9001045 申请理由不能超过500字 Application cannot exceed 500 characters.
9001046 公众账号未认证 This Official Account is not verified.
9001047 不合法的设备申请批次id Invalid device application batch ID
9001048 审核状态为审核中或审核已通过,不能再提交申请请求 While the application is under review or has already been approved, you cannot resubmit a review request.
9001049 获取分组元数据失败 Failed to get group metadata
9001050 账号下分组数达到上限,最多为100个 Group limit exceeded. Official Accounts can have maximum 100 groups.
9001051 分组包含的设备数达到上限,最多为10000个 Device limit reached. The maximum number of devices belonging to a group is 10,000.
9001052 每次添加到分组的设备数达到上限,每次最多操作1000个设备 You can only add a maximum of 1,000 devices at a time to a group.
9001053 每次从分组删除的设备数达到上限,每次最多操作1000个设备 You can only delete a maximum of 1,000 devices at a time from a group.
9001054 待删除的分组仍存在设备 The group to be deleted still exists on a device.
9001055 分组名称过长,上限为100个字符 Group name is too long. Maxiumum 100 characters.
9001056 分组待添加或删除的设备列表中包含有不属于该分组的设备id The device list to be added or removed from this group contains one or more device IDs that do not belong to this group
9001057 分组相关信息操作失败 Group-related information operation failed.
9001058 分组id不存在 Group ID does not exist
9001059 模板页面logo_url为空 The logo_url on the page cannot be blank Red Packets
9001060 创建红包活动失败 Failed to create red packet lottery Red Packets
9001061 获得红包活动ID失败 Failed to get red packet lottery_id Red Packets
9001062 创建模板页面失败 Failed to create template page Red Packets
9001063 红包提供商户公众号ID和红包发放商户公众号ID不一致 The merchant Official Account ID providing the red packet is different than that of the merchant associated with the red packet Red Packets
9001064 红包权限审核失败 Failed to get authorization for this red packet Red Packets
9001065 红包权限正在审核 Authorization for this red packet is under review Red Packets
9001066 红包权限被取消 Authorization for this red packet was canceled Red Packets
9001067 没有红包权限 No authorization for this red packet Red Packets
9001068 红包活动时间不在红包权限有效时间内 The red packet lottery time period is not within the red packet’s authorized time period Red Packets
9001069 设置红包活动开关失败 Failed to start/stop red packet lottery Red Packets
9001070 获得红包活动信息失败 Failed to get red packet lottery information Red Packets
9001071 查询红包ticket失败 Red packet ticket query failed Red Packets
9001072 红包ticket数量超过限制 Maximum number of red packet tickets reached. Red Packets
9001073 sponsor_appid与预下单时的wxappid不一致 The sponsor_appid and the pre-order wxappid are inconsistent Red Packets
9001074 获得红包发送ID失败 Failed to get red packet send ID Red Packets
9001075 录入活动的红包总数超过创建活动时预设的total The total number of red packets entered is greater than the number of red packets set when this promotion was created Red Packets
9001076 添加红包发送ID失败 Failed to add red packet send ID Red Packets
9001077 解码红包发送ID失败 Failed to decode red packet send ID Red Packets
9001078 获取公众号uin失败 Failed to get Official Account uin Red Packets
9001079 接口调用appid与调用创建活动接口的appid不一致 The appid calling the interface and the appid used to create the red packet are inconsistent Red Packets
9001090 录入的所有ticket都是无效ticket,可能原因为ticket重复使用,过期或金额不在1-1000元之间 All of the entered tickets are invalid. It could be that the tickets have already been used, are expired, or the ticket amount is not between 1-1000RMB. Red Packets
9001091 活动已过期 Promotion period has already expired. Red Packets
9002001 不合法的请求方式 Invalid request format WeChat Wifi
9002002 系统异常 System anomaly WeChat Wifi
9002003 网络异常,后台服务超时,请稍后再试 Network anomaly: backend request timed out. Please try again later. WeChat Wifi
9002004 后台服务调用异常 Abnormal call from backend service. WeChat Wifi
9002005 签权失败 Authorization failed WeChat Wifi
9002006 未开通微信连Wi-Fi连插件 WeChat WiFi plug-in has not been enabled for this account. WeChat Wifi
9002007 缺少参数 Missing a parameter WeChat Wifi
9002008 不合法的参数 Invalid parameter WeChat Wifi
9002009 门店ID不存在 Venue ID does not exist. WeChat Wifi
9002010 ssid和密码均未以大写字母“WX”开头,两者中至少有一个以“WX”开头才可添加设备成功 Neither the SSID or password begin with “WX” (in capital letters). One of these values must begin with “WX” in order to successfully add a device. WeChat Wifi
9002011 ssid不能包含中文字符 SSID cannot include Chinese characters. WeChat Wifi
9002012 password不能包含中文字符 Password cannot include Chinese characters. WeChat Wifi
9002013 password必需大于8个字符 Password must be eight or more characters. WeChat Wifi
9002014 门店下设备的密码不一样 Venue’s devices are not using the same passwords. WeChat Wifi
9002015 门店下设备不属于同一SSID Venue’s devices don’t belong to the same SSID. WeChat Wifi
9002016 设备已添加过 This device has already been added. WeChat Wifi
9002017 设备不存在,无法删除 Device does not exist, unable to delete. WeChat Wifi
9002018 门店下有专业设备,不能设置顶部常驻入口 Venue is using professional devices, unable to setup connection via pop-up header. WeChat Wifi
9002019 门店下没有设备 Venue does not have any devices. WeChat Wifi
9002020 未认证的账号不能设置商家主页 Non-verified Official Accounts cannot setup a business homepage. WeChat Wifi
9002022 门店下已添加非密码型设备,无法再添加密码型设备 This venue already has a non-password-protected device; unable to add a password-protected device. WeChat Wifi
9002023 未认证公众账号不能获取 Non-verified Official Accounts cannot make this get request. WeChat Wifi
9002024 该账号下没有密码型设备 This account does not have password-protected devices. WeChat Wifi
9002025 该账号下的所有设备,只有全为密码型设备才能获取 All devices must be password-protected before making this get request. WeChat Wifi
9002026 查询列表超过最大限制 Query list exceeds the maximum limit. WeChat Wifi
9002027 门店下是非密码型设备,不能下载二维码 Unable to download QR code: a venue has a non-password-protected device. WeChat Wifi
9002028 门店下已添加非portal改造型设备 A non-portal device has already been added to a venue. WeChat Wifi
9002029 非第三方授权不能获取 Unauthorized third-parties cannot make this get request. WeChat Wifi
9002030 未开通注册portal型设备 Registering a portal-type device has not been enabled for this account. WeChat Wifi
9002031 保留现有连网方式的门店,不支持扫二维码方式连网,无法下载二维码 Unable to download QR code: Venues retaining their existing connection types do not support connecting to the network via a QR code. WeChat Wifi
9002032 必需全部设备均为使用微信方式连网才可以获取 Get request failed: All wifi devices must use WeChat Wifi. WeChat Wifi
9002033 该账号下无设备,至少有一台设备才能获取 This account does not have any devices setup; at least one device must be setup before getting this information. WeChat Wifi
9002034 该账号下有专业设备,无法获取 Get request failed because this account is using professional devices. WeChat Wifi
9002035 保留现有连网方式的门店,无法清除门店网络及设备 Venues retaining their existing connection types, cannot clear venue network and devices WeChat Wifi
9002037 portal型设备只能修改ssid You can only change the SSID with this equipment. WeChat Wifi
9002038 ssid必须以大写字母“WX”开头 The WiFi SSID must start with “WX” (in capital letters) WeChat Wifi
9002039 门店下无网络信息,无法进行修改 Unable to modify, as there is no network information for a venue WeChat Wifi
9002040 专业型设备的门店,不支持修改网络信息 This venue’s WiFi setup does not support changing the network information. WeChat Wifi
9002041 未认证的账号不能设置 Non-verified Official Accounts cannot setup this feature. WeChat Wifi
9002042 保留现有连网方式的门店,不支持设置连网完成页 Venues retaining their existing connection types, cannot support a network connection success page. WeChat Wifi
9007001 门店下的ssid重复 Venue’s SSID was reset. WeChat Wifi
9007003 与门店下的设备类型不一致 Inconistency with device type belonging to this venue. WeChat Wifi
9007004 找不到门店ssid信息 Cannot find the venue’s SSID details. WeChat Wifi
9007005 门店下不同的ssid门店信息数量已超过最大限制 The number of venues with unique SSIDs exceeds the limit for this venue group. WeChat Wifi
9007006 无协议设备的门店,不支持下载二维码 Downloading of QR Codes is not supported for locations without device authentication. WeChat Wifi
9007007 专业型设备的门店,不支持下载二维码 Downloading of QR Codes is not supported for locations with this device type. WeChat Wifi
9008001 找不到卡券 Cannot find coupon WeChat Wifi
9008002 投放时间超过卡券有效期 Offer period exceeds the expiration date of the coupon. WeChat Wifi
60001 部门长度不符合限制 Department length exceeds limitations Work WeChat
60002 部门层级深度超过限制 Too many department levels Work WeChat
60003 部门不存在 Department does not exist Work WeChat
60004 父部门不存在 Parent department does not exist Work WeChat
60005 不允许删除有成员的部门 You are not allowed to delete departments that contain users Work WeChat
60006 不允许删除有子部门的部门 You are not allowed to delete departments that contain sub-departments Work WeChat
60007 不允许删除根部门 You are not allowed to delete the root department Work WeChat
60008 部门ID或者部门名称已存在 Department ID or department name are already in use Work WeChat
60009 部门名称含有非法字符 Department name contains unsupported characters. Work WeChat
60010 部门存在循环关系 Department relationship creates a loop. Work WeChat
60011 权限不足,user/department/agent无权限(只有通迅录同步助手才有通迅录写权限,同时要开启写权限 ) You do not have permission to perform this operation. You must use the Address Book Synchronization Assistant and enable read/write permission. Work WeChat
60012 不允许删除默认应用 You are not allowed to delete a default app Work WeChat
60013 不允许关闭应用 You are not allowed to close this app Work WeChat
60014 不允许开启应用 You are not allowed to open this app Work WeChat
60015 不允许修改默认应用可见范围 You are not allowed to edit the visibility of a default app Work WeChat
60016 不允许删除存在成员的标签 You are not allowed to delete tags currently assigned to users Work WeChat
60017 不允许设置企业 You are not allowed to setup this enterprise Work WeChat
60019 不允许设置应用地理位置上报开关 You are not allowed to turn on/off location reporting in this app Work WeChat
60020 访问ip不在白名单之中 The IP address is not on the IP whitelist. Work WeChat
60023 已授权的应用不允许企业管理组调用接口修改菜单 Authorized apps do not allow the enteprise admin group to use the API to edit menus Work WeChat
60025 主页型应用不支持的消息类型 This app is a web app. It does not support message app functionality. Work WeChat
60027 不支持第三方修改主页型应用字段 Third-party cannot edit web app fields. Work WeChat
60028 应用已授权予第三方,不允许通过接口修改主页url You are not allowed to edit the home page URL through the API. The app is being administered by an authorized third-party. Work WeChat
60029 应用已授权予第三方,不允许通过接口修改可信域名 You are not allowed to edit trusted domains through the API. The app is being administered by an authorized third-party. Work WeChat
60031 未设置管理组的登录授权域名 The login domain name for the admin group has not been set Work WeChat
60102 UserID已存在 UserID does not exist Work WeChat
60103 手机号码不合法 Invalid mobile phone number Work WeChat
60104 手机号码已存在 Mobile phone number already in use Work WeChat
60105 邮箱不合法 Email address invalid Work WeChat
60106 邮箱已存在 Email address already in use Work WeChat
60107 微信号不合法 Invalid WeChat ID Work WeChat
60108 微信号已存在 WeChat ID already in use Work WeChat
60109 QQ号已存在 QQ ID already in use Work WeChat
60110 用户同时归属部门超过20个 User cannot belong to more than twenty departments Work WeChat
60111 UserID不存在 UserID does not exist Work WeChat
60112 成员姓名不合法 User’s name is invalid Work WeChat
60113 身份认证信息(微信号/手机/邮箱)不能同时为空 At least one of the following fields is required: WeChat ID, mobile phone, or email address Work WeChat
60114 性别不合法 Gender invalid Work WeChat
60115  已关注成员微信不能修改 You cannot change the WeChat account of a user that has already followed your account Work WeChat
60116 扩展属性已存在 The extended property already exists Work WeChat
60118 成员无有效邀请字段,详情参考(邀请成员关注)的接口说明 User has an invalid invitation field. Refer to the developer documentation for inviting users. Work WeChat
60119 成员已关注 User has already followed your account Work WeChat
60120 成员已禁用 User has already been disabled Work WeChat
60121 找不到该成员 Cannot find this user Work WeChat
60122 邮箱已被外部管理员使用 Email address is already in use by an external user Work WeChat
60123 无效的部门id Invalid department ID Work WeChat
60124 无效的父部门id Invalid parent department ID Work WeChat
60125 非法部门名字,长度超过限制、重名等,重名包括与csv文件中同级部门重名或者与旧组织架构包含成员的同级部门重名 Work WeChat
60126 创建部门失败 Failed to create department Work WeChat
60127 缺少部门id Missing deparment ID Work WeChat
60128 字段不合法,可能存在主键冲突或者格式错误 Invalid field. This could be because the field has a primary key conflict or because of a formatting error. Work WeChat
60129 用户设置了拒绝邀请 The user has rejected the invite Work WeChat
60131 不合法的职位长度 Invalid job position text length Work WeChat
81003 邀请额度已用完 Invitation quota reached Work WeChat
81004 部门数量超过上限 Maximum number of departments reached Work WeChat
810001 可信域名不匹配,或者可信域名没有IPC备案(后续将不能在该域名下正常使用jssdk) Trusted domain names do not match, or the trusted domain does not have ICP registration (this domain will not be able to use the JS SDK normally) Work WeChat
82001 发送消息或者邀请的参数全部为空或者全部不合法 The message or invitation has empty or invalid parameters Work WeChat
82002 不合法的PartyID列表长度 Invalid PartyID list length Work WeChat
82003 不合法的TagID列表长度 Invalid TagID list length Work WeChat
82004 微信版本号过低 The user’s version of WeChat is too old Work WeChat
85002 包含不合法的词语 Contains illegal words Work WeChat
86001 不合法的会话ID Invalid ChatID Work WeChat
86003 不存在的会话ID ChatID does not exist Work WeChat
86004  不合法的会话名 Invalid chat name Work WeChat
86005 不合法的会话管理员 Invalid chat admin user Work WeChat
86006 不合法的成员列表大小 Invalid user list size Work WeChat
86007 不存在的成员 User does not exist Work WeChat
86101 需要会话管理员权限 Requires chat administrator privileges Work WeChat
86201 缺少会话ID Missing ChatID Work WeChat
86202 缺少会话名 Missing chat name Work WeChat
86203 缺少会话管理员 Missing chat admin user Work WeChat
86204 缺少成员 Missing user Work WeChat
86205 非法的会话ID长度 Invalid ChatID length Work WeChat
86206 非法的会话ID数值 Invalid ChatID value Work WeChat
86207 会话管理员不在用户列表中 Chat admin user is not on the user list Work WeChat
86208 消息服务未开启 Message service has not been enabled Work WeChat
86209 缺少操作者 Missing operator Work WeChat
86210 缺少会话参数 Missing chat parameter Work WeChat
86211 缺少会话类型(单聊或者群聊) Missing chat type (one-to-one or group chat) Work WeChat
86213 缺少发件人 Missing sender Work WeChat
86214 非法的会话类型 Invalid chat type Work WeChat
86215 会话已存在 Chat already exists Work WeChat
86216 非法会话成员 Invalid chat user Work WeChat
86217 会话操作者不在成员列表中 Chat operator is not on the user list Work WeChat
86218 非法会话发件人 Invalid sender Work WeChat
86219 非法会话收件人 Invalid recipient Work WeChat
86220 非法会话操作者 Invalid chat operator Work WeChat
86221 单聊模式下,发件人与收件人不能为同一人 For a one-to-one chat type, the sender and recipient cannot be the same person Work WeChat
86222 不允许消息服务访问的API You are not allowed to call the message service API Work WeChat
86304 不合法的消息类型 Invalid message type Work WeChat
86305 客服服务未启用 Customer Service functionality has not been enabled Work WeChat
86306 缺少发送人 Missing sender Work WeChat
86307 缺少发送人类型 Missing sender type Work WeChat
86308 缺少发送人id Missing Sender ID Work WeChat
86309 缺少接收人 Missing recipient Work WeChat
86310 缺少接收人类型 Missing recipient type Work WeChat
86311 缺少接收人id Missing recipient ID Work WeChat
86312 缺少消息类型 Missing message type Work WeChat
86313 缺少客服,发送人或接收人类型,必须有一个为kf Missing agent, sender or recipient type, one of these is required for customer service Work WeChat
86314 客服不唯一,发送人或接收人类型,必须只有一个为kf Agent is not unique, must only have one sender or recipient type for customer service Work WeChat
86315 不合法的发送人类型 Invalid sender type Work WeChat
86316 不合法的发送人id。Userid不存在、openid不存在、kf不存在 Invalid sender ID: UserID, OpenID, or Agent does not exist Work WeChat
86317 不合法的接收人类型 Invalid recipient type Work WeChat
86318 不合法的接收人id。Userid不存在、openid不存在、kf不存在 Invalid recipient ID: UserID, OpenID, or Agent does not exist Work WeChat
86319 不合法的客服,kf不在客服列表中 Invalid agent, agent is not on the customer service list Work WeChat
86320 不合法的客服类型 Invalid agent type Work WeChat
88001 缺少seq参数 Missing seq parameter Work WeChat
88002 缺少offset参数 Missing offset parameter Work WeChat
88003 非法seq Invalid seq Work WeChat
90001 未认证摇一摇周边 Not certified to use shake nearby feature Work WeChat
90002 缺少摇一摇周边ticket参数 Missing shake nearby ticket parameter Work WeChat
90003 摇一摇周边ticket参数不合法 Invalid shake nearby ticket parameter Work WeChat
90004 摇一摇周边ticket过期 Shake nearby ticket has expired Work WeChat
90005 未开启摇一摇周边服务 The shake nearby feature has not been activated Work WeChat
91004 卡券已被核销 Coupon has already been redeemed Work WeChat
91011 无效的code Invalid code Work WeChat
91014 缺少卡券详情 Missing coupon details Work WeChat
91015 代金券缺少least_cost或者reduce_cost参数 Cash voucher is missing the least_cost or reduce_cost parameter Work WeChat
91016 折扣券缺少discount参数 Discount coupon is missing the discount parameter Work WeChat
91017 礼品券缺少gift参数 Gift certificate is missing the gift parameter Work WeChat
91019 缺少卡券sku参数 Coupon is missing the sku parameter Work WeChat
91020 缺少卡券有效期 Missing offer validity period Work WeChat
91021 缺少卡券有效期类型 Missing offer validity period type Work WeChat
91022 缺少卡券logo_url Missing coupon logo_url Work WeChat
91023 缺少卡券code类型 Missing coupon code type Work WeChat
91025 缺少卡券title Missing coupon title Work WeChat
91026 缺少卡券color Missing coupon color Work WeChat
91027 缺少offset参数 Missing offset parameter Work WeChat
91028 缺少count参数 Missing count parameter WeCom/td>
91029 缺少card_id Missing card_id WeCom
91030 缺少卡券code Missing coupon code WeCom
91031 缺少卡券notice Missing coupon notice WeCom
91032 缺少卡券description Missing coupon description WeCom
91033 缺少ticket类型 Missing ticket type WeCom
91036 不合法的有效期 Invalid offer validity period WeCom
91038 变更库存值不合法 Unable to change inventory value WeCom
91039 不合法的卡券id Invalid coupon id WeCom
91040 不合法的ticket type Invalid ticket type WeCom
91041 没有创建,上传卡券logo,以及核销卡券的权限 You do not have permission to create, upload, and redeem coupons WeCom
91042 没有该卡券投放权限 You do not have permission to publish this coupon WeCom
91043 没有修改或者删除该卡券的权限 You do not have permission to edit or delete this coupon WeCom
91044 不合法的卡券参数 Invalid number of coupons WeCom
91045 缺少团购券groupon结构 Group-buy coupon is missing the groupon structure WeCom
91046 缺少现金券cash结构 Cash voucher is missing the cash structure WeCom
91047 缺少折扣券discount 结构 Discount coupon is missing the discount structure WeCom
91048 缺少礼品券gift结构 Gift certificate is missing the gift structure WeCom
91049 缺少优惠券coupon结构 Coupon is missing the coupon structure WeCom
91050 缺少卡券必填字段 Coupon is missing required fields WeCom
91051 商户名称超过12个汉字 Merchant name cannot exceed twelve Chinese characters WeCom
91052 卡券标题超过9个汉字 Coupon title cannot exceed nine Chinese characters WeCom
91053 卡券提醒超过16个汉字 Coupon notice cannot exceed 16 Chinese characters WeCom
91054 卡券描述超过1024个汉字 Coupon description cannot exceed 1,024 Chinese characters WeCom
91055 卡券副标题长度超过18个汉字 Coupon sub-title cannot exceed 18 Chinese characters WeCom
301001 应用id已存在 AppID already exists WeCom
301002 accesstoken不允许操作其它应用。 Accesstoken does not allow operation of other apps WeCom
301004 不允许删除超级管理员 You are not allowed to delete a super admin users WeCom
301005 消息型应用不允许做此操作 This action is not allowed in message-type apps WeCom
301006 不允许禁用超级管理员 You are not allowed to disable super admin users WeCom
301008 主页型应用不允许做此操作 This action is not allowed in web apps WeCom
301009 应用发送消息没有接收主体 Did not receive main body of the message sent by app WeCom
301010 部门名已存在 Department name already in use WeCom
301013 座机不合法 Invalid land line WeCom
301014 英文名称不合法 Invalid English name WeCom
301015 userid错误 Userid error WeCom
301022 获取打卡数据失败 Failed to get employee clock-in/out data WeCom
301023 useridlist非法或超过限额 Useridlist invalid or exceeds limit WeCom
301024 获取打卡记录时间间隔超限 Exceeds maximum time interval to get employee clock-in/out times WeCom
302001 批量同步成员存在userid为空的用户 Batch user synch contains an empty userid WeCom
302002 管理员userid不存在 Admin user’s userid does not exist WeCom
302003 存在重复的userid Contains a duplicate userid WeCom
302004 组织架构不合法(1不是一棵树,2 多个一样的partyid,3 partyid空,4 partyid name 空,5 同一个父节点下有两个子节点 部门名字一样可能是以上情况,请一一排查) Invalid organization strucutre (Check for any of the following conditions: 1 – not part of a single tree, 2 – duplicate partyid, 3 – partyid is blank, 4 – partyid name is blank, 5 – two sub-nodes of the same parent node have the same department name) WeCom

What is a WeChat store and how to create one?

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