What is WeChat at Work?

Most companies in China use WeChat for some, or all, of their internal communication. An average employee belongs to dozens of work-related group chats for her various departments or functions. There are several common pain points for these companies which could be avoided by moving their team over to WeChat at Work (formerly WeChat Enterprise Accounts).

WeChat at Work is a separate app download, with several upgrades you’ll notice right from the start, including out-of-office status messages, integrated task management, group chats of up to 2,000 users with stronger admin controls, and the ability to easily mute all your work chats when you clock out (automatically un-muted at the start of business the next day).

WeChat at Work allows companies to apply their own company structure on top of a private version of WeChat. When properly configured, a company can easily calibrate messaging, permissions, privacy, security, and an assortment of useful business apps across any segmentation of departments and positions. It’s a powerful suite of free software that not a lot has been written about, so Grata decided to do a deep dive on the platform and came out with this seventy-slide overview of everything you ever wanted to know about WeChat at Work. You can view and download a high-resolution PDF from SlideShare or Baidu Cloud.

Grata uses WeChat at Work apps to connect your mobile workforce into your company’s customer service channels. Customers on your WeChat service or subscription account can be routed to any employee on your WeChat at Work app. Contact us on our WeChat account at grata_co to find out more.

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[…] Connect customers on your WeChat subscription and service accounts to your mobile workforce for on-demand customer service and sales by installing Grata’s WeChat Work apps. More details at or check out Grata’s comprehensive bilingual Guide to WeChat at Work. […]

[…] Install Grata’s apps in your WeChat Work account to connect customers on your WeChat subscription and service apps to your mobile workforce for on-demand customer service and sales. More details at or check out Grata’s comprehensive bilingual Guide to WeChat Work. […]

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