WeChat at Work v2.4.16 Updates

WeChat at Work v2.4.16 is out today with lots of updates. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend.

Add external contacts from WeChat

The biggest update is a semi-open beta launch of external WeChat contacts. Work users already had the ability to add external contacts, but only those who were also using WeChat at Work. Now WeChat and WeChat at Work can talk:

Work users get their own individual QR codes for adding external contacts and can also scan WeChat personal QR codes and directly invite their current WeChat contacts; however only employees who have verified their identity can add WeChat contacts. Since identity verification is only available to Chinese ID cardholders, this feature is only limited to Chinese nationals for now.

Your Work business card is shared as an image to WeChat contacts.

Viewing a Work contact profile in WeChat, the user sees they are verified to your business.

You can customize the appearance of external contact profiles on the Work backend, including adding custom profile fields which support text, URLs, and mini-programs.

After adding an external contact, employees can designate the contact as a customer:

Designated customers can be synched to your own CRM database, where you can download your employee’s contacts and each contact’s WeChat basic profile information. When Work users view customer profile details, they view the details from your own database.

You can set granular permissions on the backend for which employees have rights to add external contacts.

Apps can create group chats

WeChat at Work apps can now create group chats and send messages to a group. The example provided is a travel app that creates a group chat for employees traveling on the same itinerary.

Star Frequent Contacts

You can now star frequent internal and external contacts so they are pinned to the top of your contacts list in a new Starred Contact folder.

WeChat at Work App Store

Updates to the WeChat at Work app store make it easier for Work admin to discover and add relevant apps to your company account directly from the Work mobile app.

Employee Rewards

Company red packets are now complemented with a separate Rewards feature to help enterprises encourage adoption of WeChat at Work by rewarding employees who invite colleagues and who use the app.

Employee view

Backend editor view

Reporting App

The Daily Report app has been upgraded into a more generalized reporting app with new templates for business and sales stats, venue or website visitors, and other reporting.

Group chat management

There are two new settings available in group chats that can be enabled as needed in specific group chats. One allows only the admin to add and remove users. The other setting requires any users inviting other participants to the chat to have their invites approved by the admin first.

Connect Official Accounts to WeChat at Work

Install Grata’s apps in your WeChat at Work account to connect customers on your WeChat subscription and service apps to your mobile workforce for on-demand customer service and sales. More details at or check out Grata’s comprehensive bilingual Guide to WeChat at Work.