WeChat at Work v2.4.18 Updates

WeChat at Work v2.4.18 is out today with several useful updates. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend.

Interoperatability with WeChat

This press release is again headlined by the ability to message between WeChat and WeChat Work. The External Contacts functionality is still in application-only beta.

The web admin backend for external contacts gets a new view to monitor all of the customers your employees are adding as contacts in WeChat Work.

There’s also a new Javascript API for developers to open chats with external contacts from within WeChat Work, as well as a callback URL for relevant events.

WeChat Mini-Programs now work within WeChat Work. Admin can add them to employee’s app page and they can be shared in chats. Mini-Programs can also be displayed on employee’s external profiles that customers view from WeChat.

WeChat Pay functionality expands, giving users the ability to send red packets within Work chats, as well and send and receive payments to and from external contacts.

Inviting Contacts

For enterprises that are running multiple chain locations/outlets from one WeChat Work account, each department admin can now get their own Work QR code for inviting their team.

The department-level admin can set the default department to which their contacts are added after scanning.

Work Apps

The reporting app has new data visualizations for capturing data trends.

Windows Desktop

The Windows desktop app is testing a useful new feature (optional) that will display to contacts whether or not you are at your computer.

There’s also a new smaller typeface view, to display more messages in the app window.

The Windows app now lets you group all of your muted chats into a folder so they are less disruptive.

And there’s new functionality to customize keyboard shortcuts for common actions.

Connect Official Accounts to WeChat at Work

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