Guide to WeChat Work

We’ve completely updated our comprehensive guide to WeChat Work. Everything you need to quickly understand why WeChat Work is important, tips for implementing it at your organization, and deep dives into the essential features. Check out the links below to download the full eighty-seven slide presentation.

If you’re unfamiliar with WeChat Work, think of it like your company having its own version of WeChat: you control who can join your account, what apps your team needs, and just about every other small detail.

The most exciting feature is that WeChat Work and WeChat are now tightly connected. The latest updates mean your company can:

  • Post to your customers’ WeChat Moments feed from WeChat Work
  • Send targeted broadcast messages from employees’ WeChat Work accounts to any segmentation of customers, and
  • Create group chats for WeChat customers that can be managed with live streaming, bots, Mini-Programs, quick replies, and custom app integrations.

We’ve also included a new section in this deck comparing WeChat Work to its main workplace messaging competitors in China: Alibaba’s DingTalk, ByteDance’s Lark, and new entrant, Huawei’s WeLink.

Download a high-resolution PDF from Tencent Cloud or Google Drive.

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