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How to Install WeChat Plugins

WeChat just made it much easier for businesses to manage Official Accounts with the launch of certified third-party WeChat Plugins. Businesses can now enhance much of their account functionality by adding plugins to their WeChat Official Account, similar to WordPress.

Up until now, it was difficult for Official Accounts to work with more than one third-party provider. This meant service providers pretty much had to build a product that did everything to be competitive. By simplifying how businesses work with third-party products, it will enable more specialized solutions for Official Accounts. Businesses can now enable multiple WeChat plugins customized for specific functions or industries such as e-commerce, hospitality, and CRM.

Installing 3rd-Party WeChat Plugins

  1. Certified platform providers will have a button on their site to add them to your authorized plugin list.
  2. Login to your WeChat Official Account Platform and click on the “Add Feature Plugin” (添加功能插件) in the side-bar menu. WeChat Official Accounts Certified Service Providers Rights Management
  3. The providers name should now be listed on the second tab, Authorization Manager (授权管理).
  4. Click to enable the provider’s WeChat plugin.

Grant Access to Specific Functionality

At the start, Official Accounts can grant third-party access to six different bundles of platform rights:

  1. Messaging and Event Management (customer service, broadcast, and template messaging, etc)
  2. Follower Management (user profile data, user location, and user groups)
  3. Account Management (menus, advanced QR codes, basic official account data)
  4. OAuth2.0 (allow users to log-in to apps and websites with their WeChat ID)
  5. WeChat Store Management
  6. Duokefu Software (enable/disable forwarding of customer service messaging to Tencent’s Duokefu software)

Both subscription and service accounts can use the Authorization Manager feature, but the Official Account must first qualify for the relevant functionality on its own. For example, the Official Account must first apply to WeChat for the WeChat Store authorization before it can grant those rights to a third-party. Official Accounts do not gain any rights by proxy via a third-party provider.

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