WeChat Work v2.4.20 Updates

WeChat Work v2.4.20 was released today with a couple very exciting updates. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend.

WeChat External Contacts

WeChat is teasing the upcoming release of external contact group chats and a feature to migrate external contacts after an employee leaves the company. This could be big help for solving one of the perennial pain points enterprises have with staff turnover.

Chats with external contacts get new support for sending and receiving files, locations, favorites, articles, and WeChat mini-programs.

WeChat Work digital business cards get a major design upgrade, now supporting several templates. These can be shared to group chats in WeChat, with contact requests showing up to the employee’s WeChat Work app.

Organizations that already have WeChat Pay setup can now seamlessly bind their Pay account to their Work account for sending and receiving payments to both employees and external contacts.

WeChat Work admin can now manage their WeChat connection from a new link on their Work App workspace.

For developers, there is new API support for getting external contacts WeChat Union ID to map contacts to WeChat Official Account followers or Mini-Program users. There is also a Javascript API for manipulating external contacts.

Connected Businesses

This is a huge upgrade, that allows multiple WeChat Work accounts to establish links with other Work accounts, for example, between a brand and its outlets, between partner companies, or between an enterprise and its suppliers. From the Work backend, you can manage connected businesses in the address book:

The contacts from these connected businesses are added to your employee’s contacts page in the WeChat Work app:

Desktop Apps

The desktop apps now support Traditional Chinese. You can change interface language in the settings page.

The Mac app has added a search bar for the current chat, searching chat history, files, images, and video.

Other updates

Deleted items now go to a recycle bin that will hold files for fifteen days in case they were deleted by accident.

WeChat Work owners can now verify WeChat Work accounts from their phone, by linking a verified WeChat Official Account they own.

Incoming video and voice call notifications now display on Apple Watch.

WeChat Work Apps

For managing leave requests, you can now add different types of leave and track the days of leave remaining by type for employees.

These controls have also been updated in the app, so there’s no need to login to the web backend.

Connect Official Accounts to WeChat at Work

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