What’s New in WeChat Work v2.5.8

WeChat at Work v2.5.8 is out and there are massive updates for Work’s CRM capabilities. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend.

Interoperability with WeChat

WeChat Work has restored the ability to link to the company’s own CRM profiles for external contacts. This was very briefly visible a couple versions back before disappearing. This is a very big deal.

Contact migration, rumored to be coming out for awhile now, is now live. When an employee leaves your company, you can send notifications to all of their external contacts in WeChat so they can connect with that person’s replacement. This is also huge.

WeChat Work admin users can now enable employees’ position to be displayed on their WeChat digital business cards for external users.

Administrators can also enable employees to edit some of their own external profile settings. Previously these could only be managed from the admin backend. Enable the new settings from the backend:

Employees can then edit those fields from their Work app:

Employees can now send WeChat Mini-Programs the company uses to external contacts in WeChat.

Mini-Program developers get an optimization to get the WeChat log-in state of users in Work WeChat, avoiding the need to adapt WeChat Mini-Programs for Work WeChat.

Other updates

WeChat Work apps can now be administered and deployed to multiple linked company accounts.

Work users can now make use of WeChat’s longtime ability to translate messages within a chat.

It’s now easier to send files in a Work chat from the Cloud File Storage app. You can also now download multiple files by folder or batch:

The Approvals app now logs actions and comments as a thread for each it so managers have better visibility on their internal process.

The Work app QR code scanner gets updates allowing for automatic and manual zoom, similar to a recent update in WeChat.

The desktop Work app now returns search results for group chat members.

There is a new developer API to get employees phone records from the Company-paid call app.

The Punch in/out app now supports shift-based scheduling in attendance machines.

WeChat Work super admin users can now edit all tags in the Contacts backend.

Support for using WeChat Work within WeChat, similar to how it all started when it was “WeChat Enterprise Accounts”, has been restored to help aid adoption as employees transition to the WeChat Work app.

Connect Official Accounts to WeChat at Work

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