What’s New in WeChat Work v2.6.1

WeChat at Work v2.6.1 went live earlier this week. You can read the original posts in Chinese for updates to the user apps and admin backend.

Interoperability with WeChat

For our non-China readers, a big update to note is that real name verification no longer requires a Chinese ID. You can now use a passport, drivers license or other national ID plus your mobile phone statement covering the last three months. Real name verification is required to add external WeChat users as contacts. As opposed to the Chinese process which is instant and done with facial recognition, non-Chinese citizens will need to wait up to three business days for documents to be approved. (At the time this article went to press, our user had been waiting two business days with no result yet.)

The previous 2.6.0 update introduced group chats with a mix of up to ten WeChat external contacts and Work WeChat employees.

Work business cards get a spiffy makeover. Check them out:

Internal Customer Service

There is a new feature on the backend to enable and manage internal customer service contacts (“Employee Services”) to your Work WeChat.

Once turned on, employees with visibility to the service will see a folder for Employee Services:

Inside the folder are all of the customer service contacts you create. You can create multiple contacts and assign multiple employees to each role.

Employees who are designated as internal customer service providers will see employee service chats show up in their service app.

An employee service chat:


You can now create and share simple surveys from within a group chat.

The creator of the survey can export the data from the results page.

Chinese interface:

Other updates

The latest version of the desktop app now supports search across all chat history. Previous versions required you to search within a specific thread or group chat.

The Windows app gets the ability to give remote access to your desktop, eg. for IT support, allowing another employee to take over control of your computer.

For security purposes, all remote access events are logged on the Work WeChat admin backend with relevant metadata.

The do-not-disturb controls (“Take a Break” feature) get a small update so you can make exceptions for incoming voice or video calls.

There is an all-new help center with lots of updated FAQ content, but this is currently only available in Chinese.

Finally, you can now use your business online banking interface to charge your WeChat Work phone plan.

Connect Official Accounts to WeChat Work

Install Grata’s apps in your WeChat Work account to connect customers on your WeChat subscription and service apps to your mobile workforce for on-demand customer service and sales. More details at or check out Grata’s comprehensive bilingual Guide to WeChat Work.

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