What are the differences between WeChat’s Service and Subscription Accounts?

As the WeChat Public Platform (微信公众平台 or Wēixìn gōngzhòng píngtái) is still a relatively new phenomenon for most organizations, we frequently get asked about the basics of WeChat Official Accounts. One of the first things to decide as a business is what type of account to register.

When registering a WeChat Official Account, organizations can choose either a subscription account (订阅号 or dìng yuè hào) or a service account (服务号 or fú wù hào).  If you are a registering as an individual, you can only register a subscription account. Businesses have the further option of verifying an official account to rank higher in search results, get a gold badge next to their account name, and have access to even more platform features.

We break down the differences in the graphic below, but in the most simplest terms, subscription accounts are for pushing content and service accounts are for advanced features such as interactive menus, customer service, and e-commerce. Check out our additional infographic for the full list of WeChat Public Platform features and developer tools.

Tencent is constantly making updates to WeChat Official Accounts so expect these details to change. For example, the most recent tweak on April 15th increased service accounts broadcast message quota from once per month to four times monthly.

WeChat Official Accounts Infographic

WeChat Official Accounts - Differences between WeChat Service Accounts and Subscription Accounts