What’s New at Grata

Grata’s web chat got a big upgrade recently with a new chat layout option, custom chat icons and buttons, new agent avatars, advanced developer controls, and lots of smaller interface improvements. Web chat has never looked better! We’ve also added new report types on the backend helping you more easily break out your usage by channel.



New Web Chat Layout

Grata clients have a new option for chat layout: instead of aligning all messages on the left, you can now choose to have agent messages left-aligned and the customer’s messages right-aligned. This allows us to remove the “Me” username for customers, freeing up space for another new feature: agent avatars.

Agent Avatars can be set for each individual agent or shared by teams of agents. Below the name field, there is a second line you can use to display the agent’s team, title, or location. Agent Avatars support separate English and Chinese versions.

Here’s a look at the new layout with an agent avatar:






New Web Chat Buttons

We’ve added lots of fun new button options to ensure you get just the right look on your site. You now have two new options when designing your buttons: 1) upload a custom icon to display on a Grata chat button, or for even more freedom, 2) you can design your own button entirely. For details check out our updated help material here.

We’ve also upgraded support for more Font Awesome icon styles. Select any one of their 7,000+ icons in any color and any one of four styles: light, regular, solid, or duotone. You can update the appearance of your web chat instantly, at any time, and never have to update the code on your site.



我们还升级了对更多Font Awesome图标样式的支持。选择7,000多种颜色中的任意一种以及四种样式中的任意一种:light (浅色),regular (常规),solid (纯色)或 duotone (双色)调:


Web Chat Developer Tools

Did you know that any button or icon on your website can be used to launch Grata chat? If you would prefer to control the presentation of Grata, you can use your own button to replace Grata, or in addition to Grata’s button. Several clients, for example, use this on their “Contact Us” page.

To support this feature we have a new developer feature that notifies your site as soon as Grata finishes loading so you only reveal your chat button at the right time.

We also have developer features to move the Grata button for a specific page or specific event, and to reveal or hide Grata based on your own logic. Find out more in our help center article on web chat developer tools.




我们还具有开发者功能,可为特定页面或特定事件移动Grata按钮,并根据您自己的逻辑显示或隐藏Grata。在我们帮助中心有关 网页聊天开发者控件的文章中找到更多信息。

New Report Types

Grata users with multiple channels (eg. web chat, WeChat Official Accounts, Mini-Programs, etc.) will appreciate that we now break out reports for each channel. Your overview report will continue to give you your combined contact center data on your number of chats serviced, users serviced, and chat types, while channel-specific reports will help you segment the data by channel.

You’ll find your WeChat Official Account follower data now in your WeChat report. And we’re reporting new data in the web chat report that shows you how many unique users clicked on web chat. You can compare that to how many users started a chat to see how your chat interface and welcome greeting are doing converting web site visitors to chats.




Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Tons of optimizations to web chat interface for tablets, mobile image upload, UC Browser, IE 11, and iOS Safari
  • Upgraded password policy complexity and encryption techniques on passwords and personally-identifying information to the latest standards
  • Resolved a UI bug with the console quick reply menu positioning and second-level buttons
  • Squashed lots of bugs on the admin backend


  • 针对平板电脑,手机图像上传,UC浏览器,IE11和iOS Safari的网页聊天界面进行了大量优化
  • 升级的密码策略复杂性和密码以及个人识别信息的加密技术达到最新标准
  • 通过控制台快速回复菜单定位和在第二级按钮解决了一个界面错误
  • 在管理员后端压入了很多错误

If you have any feedback on new features you want or just something that you’d like us to do better, please contact us at anytime by email or send us a message on WeChat @grata_co by scanning the QR code below:

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